The Aether in gravity and telekinesis You don’t have to believe everything you’re told. Someone is right, someone is wrong, and some just deliberately mislead you. But each person is able not only to receive information, but also to check, systematize and draw their own conclusions. Here we will look for answers. You can believe or not believe in the law of gravity, and you can take and check. Perhaps this law is private, and does not apply to some phenomena. It is desirable to use the experience of other researchers gained recently. And, of course, discarding other people’s statements, we will check everything on our own, we will go further, perhaps changing the direction of thought, we will look for the truth.

Our task is to see what others do not notice. We are not going to rely on all well-known truth. We will proceed from the fact that we do not know or believe them. How else do you find the truth? Only to come to it very. ”It is better to know the truth by half, but on your own, than to know it in its entirety, but to learn from others ‘ words and learn it like a parrot.» (Romain Rolland) it is quite natural that science has long known about the particularity and not omnipotence of some fundamental laws. Moreover, in communication with modern adequate scientists, there was a certain thought, and this thought is unambiguously directed towards understanding the essence of the aether. Having understood the essence of ether, the essence of gravity becomes clear. Persistent denial by science of the very first element of the table created by Mendeleev-Ether, already asks a question – here someone lies. Instead of Ether, gave us not quite a formal notion of “Dark matter” — hot and cold, dark energy… Refer to Mendeleev: “it is Impossible to deny the weight of the ether, because since the time of Galileo and Newton’s ability to attract, ie, weighing is the primary definition of matter”. (Attempt of chemical understanding of the world ether, Mendeleev 1905):

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